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Welcome to ATHENA Worldwide and ATHENA Academy.  We are female bodyguards and security professionals experienced in Executive Protection, Child Protection, Security Consulting Service, and Nannyguards training and services.

We manage threats in many countries of the world. All of our operatives are highly trained and come from government operations, law enforcement services, military, and private security.

Regardless of where you are in the world, ATHENA female bodyguards have valuable professional skills and services to ensure the security of our clients.  Please visit www.athenaworldwide.com  to learn more and to contact us.

More About ATHENA

Athena Worldwide and Athena Academy is an international premier security organization, consulting firm and training agency for females. With our affiliate offices, we can provide security services in a safe, discreet and confidential manner to all of our clients in the showbiz, fashion, diplomatic or private sector. We are dedicated to offering a new way to women to be successful in defense of themselves, family and others. Whether you want to attend a class for personal development or consider joining our female bodyguards’ programs, Athena Academy has the training for you to succeed. Our professionally trained personnel have provided services to Celebrities, CEOs, Fashion icons, Politicians, and Executives internationally.

Additionally, our services are progressive in nature because we are providers of security training to seasoned and new practitioners of the security and the close protection industry. Our instructors are from Law Enforcement, Military, and High-Risk Close Protection Industry worldwide.

Bodyguard services are one of the oldest noblest professions.  In the last several years’ other terms such as close protection have come into use.

In the United States, executive protection and executive protection specialist are the most widely used terms.  In the United Kingdom (UK) they use the term close protection quite often for bodyguards.  Other countries follow suit by using these two countries’ titles.

Other countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and south-east Asian nations use VIP protection quite often.  Countries like Greece use VIP protection and close protection.

Regardless of how you say it, those in the business are bodyguards.  We work with heads of state, political dignitaries and their families, kings, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, CEO’s, and any other individual who has the potential to be in a dangerous situation and would like to stay out of harm’s way.

Female bodyguards are not just trained on how to defend in their role as protector, but more importantly,  how to prevent measures of intentional and unintentional acts of harm and embarrassing situations.  It may be of interest to note that female bodyguards are specialists at pre-operational planning and strategy.  They also utilize protective intelligence to use foreknowledge of an impending threat to conduct thorough analysis and investigation of such threats.

Please visit our website www.athenaworldwide.com to learn more and join us.

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