Hire an Athena Academy Agent

Athena Worldwide LLC is a Texas-based women-owned company with support offices internationally. We provide protective services to high-profile clients who need the protection of a close protection operative.
Female bodyguards are increasingly sought after because of their ability to offer unparalleled versatility. They are trained to be low profile, strategic and careful.

Athena Agents do the same job as male operatives and fit very well into urban surroundings. Some of our operatives are certified as Child Protective Security Specialists called Nannyguards℠. This gives them the ability to care for your children above and beyond nanny responsibilities by offering a second layer of physical protection.

Our worldwide network of female operatives has been vetted through the strongest code of ethics in the security industry. Additionally, all Athena Agents must earn annual credits for continuous training and development in the protective security industry. All ongoing close protection education is frequently updated to meet demands of modern security issues.


2 responses

  1. My client is looking for a female bodyguard to protect his wife and child. Based in Atlanta, live-in is a requirement.

    1. Mr Reid you will have to email us at info@athenaworldwide.com to discuss your client’s security needs.

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