Our Instructors Team

Understanding the importance of real life experience and continuum training Athena Academy hires different Instructors from different part of the world according to their expertise and experience. We expand and renew our coed instructor’s team according to our courses needs. With us you will never find a ‘’woman only or man only show’’ what each one of our instructor teach is what they hold best with their real life qualifications and most important work experience.

Some of Athena Academy Instructors:

Denida Zinxhiria

Denida Zinxhiria is the Founder and CEO of Athena Worldwide and Nannyguards. She uses personal experience as a Close Protection Operative and Security Consultant to help others learn what it takes to master the ins and outs of Security Industry. She is one of the few certified female Close Protection Operatives, Security Consultant, Close Protection Instructor, Female Self Defense Instructor, Child Protection Operative and Maritime Security Consultant in Greece. She holds a degree in Counseling and Psychology, is trained in various martial arts, and has contributed as a private investigator and linguistic in cases with human trafficking from Albania to Greece. She is the creator of Nannyguards (SM) training program and services worldwide and today she holds the position of Worldwide Coordinator at Albanian Center of Studies Against Terrorism and Organized Crime.

Charla Blomberg

Charla Blomberg handles Athena’s Customer Relationship Management & Recruitment Consultation Services. She is currently working as a Close Protection Operative in Europe with 14 years experience in the security industry including working at the Swedish Parliament Security Unit. She also has a solid background in the Swedish Army and 3 UN peacekeeping missions during wars in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo.

John R. Lehman

Mr. Lehman serves as Director of Operations and Training Southern Region at Templar Titan Inc and CEO at White Star Services. He is certified TCLEOSE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education) classroom Instructor, NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Federal Protective Service authorized Instructor, TCLEOSE Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Louisiana Security Board Licensed Firearms Instructor, Texas CHL Instructor, ASP Baton/Handcuff Instructor and Systema Instructor. Mr. Lehman has joined Athena Academy Instructor’s team on January 2013 and he also serves as Athena Academy Vice President.

​Renee Nolte

Renee Nolte has 29 years in the self defense industry specializing in all areas of personal protection from hand-to-hand combat to weapons retention. She has worked with security teams planning, organizing, executing, and completing assignments in surveillance, undercover operations with human extraction, and delivery of highly valuable property. She serves as a Defensive Tactics Instructor for White Star Consulting and was formerly with The Sparta Group and 21st Century Security as DT Instructor. Renee holds a Level 4 Security License and is a PPO Executive Protection Officer. She is a graduate of Executive Protection Institute and 21st Century Security, and went through police training with Krav Maga Worldwide in Los Angeles, Houston Community College TCLEOSE program, and KFM Law Enforcement Training in Benidorm, Spain. Renee is also a Texas Concealed Handgun License Instructor and Firearms Instructor.
For 15 years, she has been CEO, Master Martial Artist, and Master Instructor for Keep Safe America and University of Sidekicks. She has taught for Krav Maga Worldwide and was featured in the Ultimate Krav Maga DVDs. She holds numerous Black Belts and is trained in Krav Maga, Keysi Fight Method, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Modern Arnis, and Karate. She has developed curriculums and taught select groups in the U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Army, U.S. Marshals Service, police forces, and more. Renee holds the position of Director of Training for Athena Academy North America.

Michael Dozier

Mr. Dozier has served in the United States Army. He is a Physician’s Assistant and has worked at two level 1 trauma centers in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked in humanitarian aid missions in Africa, Asia, the Balkans and America. Mr.Dozier conducts due diligence and Risk Analysis. He holds a Master’s of Science in Forensic Science and holds a MBA. He currently works out of Bethel, Alaska and is the Director of Medical Incident Analyst for the United States Counter Intelligence Agency. He has completed advanced coursework, achieving multiple certifications in Criminal Profiling, Forensic Statement Analyst, Forensic Medicine, Advanced Intelligence Operations, Homeland Security, Emergency Management, and Disaster Preparedness.

Michelle Coreejes

Michelle currently works a close protection operative in South Africa. She has hold positions as CPO at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls, private corporations and most recently G4S Aviation Office. During her military service, Michelle taught the VIP Protection Course to Security Personnel of the South African Air Force.


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