Recruitment and Employment Consultancy Services for Female Bodyguards

Athena Worldwide’s Administrative Office is a specialist in recruitment, background check, evaluation and job placement of our own trained female bodyguards and female security personnel at Athena Academy. We handle our customer relationship management contacts in a very discreet and confidential manner.

If you are looking to enter a challenging profession contact our administrative office today and learn what we can do to help you built your career.

***Athena Worldwide has the right to a full background check before placing any student into our database.***


5 responses

  1. Anna Gailey | Reply


    I have just recently qualified as a close protection officer with Ronin Concepts.
    After doing some research online about different companies I came across Athena and I knew instantly that this is a company I would like to work for/with.
    I would very much appreciate the opportunity to send you my CV.

    1. Thank you Anna, you can contact us at

      Denida Zinxhiria
      Athena Academy Founder

      1. Anna Gailey


        Thank you for your reply, I will be in touch very soon.

        Kindest regards,


  2. I am thinking about becoming a high profile nanny in the near future when I leave the military , I also have the option to do a close protection course, could you please advise me what is the minimum qualification you reply people with? Also if you could give a rough idea of average pay for this type of thing . Thanks in advance

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