Training Courses

At Athena Academy, we offer Female Executive Protection/Female Bodyguards Courses, Child Protection and Nannyguards Courses, Women’s Self Defense Training, Security Oriented Coed Training Classes for male and female students, and courses designed with most urban situations in mind.

What makes Athena Academy so different is that our training curriculum takes into consideration the different learning styles of women. Studies have shown that women learn differently than men.

We have designed our curriculum to overcome the barriers to learning women sometimes face in co-ed courses. Athena Academy training curriculums are written by different professionals according to their work expertise based on reality-based situational experience. This specialized curriculum is then taught by women in a format that ensures the highest material retention rate.

In addition, our courses are taught by real-world protective specialists and tactical operatives. Our training cadre is a mixture of security specialists with backgrounds in protecting some of the world’s most prominent Celebrities, Executives and VIP’s as well as world-renowned experts in their various fields. The methods taught at Athena Academy have been battle-tested time and time again and have proven to be among the best material available in the world today.

Our training and experience have given us a more heightened sense of awareness, thus giving us the ability to have strong skills in foreseeing situations. Athena Academy curriculum puts a huge emphasis on a know-before-you-go mentality and sensitive perception with situational awareness. We teach you how to anticipate deescalate and escape life-threatening situations.

If you want to become a successful female bodyguard, Athena Academy has customized programs suited just for you.

-Female Executive Protection/Female Bodyguards Course


-Child Protection Specialist Course

-Female Self Defense Courses

-Urban Awareness Course

-Conflict Management

-Safety Courses for Models, Celebrities, Executives, Secretaries, Journalists, Flight Attendants

-Celebrity Security Operatives

-Crisis Management

-Armed & Unarmed Tactical Training

-Tactical Firearms

-Tactical Medical-First Aid Training

Additionally, our instructor’s team can design a training course according to the client’s needs.
Contact Athena Academy and join our newsletter to receive our detailed Training Brochures over the Courses you are interested.
*Athena Academy maintains the right to decline with no further explanation any training application.
**Athena Academy maintains the right to change training topics, curriculum, and instructors according to class needs until the last minute.

For more details and course calendar contact Athena Academy today to find out!

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